SQLBase 12.1 enhanced database automation

Software solution providers are constantly looking to increase deployment and maintenance automation. They want to minimize deployment, setup and maintenance cost as far as possible to be able to provide competitive pricing.

Customers of software providers are seeking to buy solutions that work with as small IT support as possible. They would like to maintain their software support price and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) low. OpenText™Gupta SQLBase 12.1 is a embedded database that provides high levels of automation to low TCO operations.

OpenText Gupta SQLBase has ever been a embedded database offering very low TCO for both ISVs and enterprises. The brand new 12.1 version raises automation in a number of areas, deploying software solutions that further reduce TCO.

Improved backup automation for in-use volumes

Boost IT automation by backing up in-use virtual machines operating SQLBase without losing data. Utilize VSS allowed backup tools to backup quantities together with in-use busy databases. No database service interruption for backups of high availability systems.

The brand new VSS backup features enables IT to utilize just one standardized backup mechanism for both data volumes and in-use databases, so hence reducing maintenance efforts to get solutions which include SQLBase.

New SQLTalk Plus — SQL testing and data maintenance tool

SQLTalk Plus is also a brand new modern visual database tool with an simple to use ribbon port for rapid access to all features. The brand new SQLTalk Plus can utilize any . NET Data Provider (NDP) to connect to data sources. Connect to SQLBase, SQL Server, Oracle and a lot of different data sources and perform immediate SQL actions.

Developers can utilize SQLTalk Plus to create tables, produce test data and analyze SQL functionality. Administrators can perform data maintenance, do performance analysis and implement performance improvements by creating new indicators. The optional information output in grid format allows for simple data maintenance, sorting and group without the need of scanning SQL.

Automatic database updates for top performance and scalability

Deploy SQLBase 12.1 to customers of SQLBase 9.x to 11.7 without direct interaction to update databases. SQLBase 12.1 will automatically unload and load the data content into the new format database. Automatically deploy the performance and scalability benefits of SQLBase 12.0 to your program users.

SQLBase data synchronization using OpenText Integration Center

The discretionary OpenText™Integration Center supplies data integration and synchronization between various data sources. Employing Integration Center it is possible to synchronize data between multiple SQLBase databases. You can even synchronize data between SQLBase, SQL Server, Oracle and many different databases.

You can transform data during synchronization, such as create aggregate data and make your own formulations for data conversion. Integration Center is a potent solution for keeping information up-to-date in multiple locations all the time.

OpenText Business Intelligence

Optional OpenText™Business Intelligence (OTBI) has been a detailed question and reporting solution that permits business analysts and other business users to pose questions regarding their data and then view the results in reports that are visually informative. OTBI integrates well with SQLBase setups. OTBI supplies decision-makers with greater insight, quicker.

Key to empowering business users would be your OTBI graphical “Wrong layer,” an instinctive, easy-to-use visual interface that offers access to databases and the data they contain. It allows non technical employees to inspect the data and construct ad hoc query announcements simply by dragging and dropping components and drawing links between them. No knowledge of SQL statements must be needed.

Built-in sharing characteristics allow licensed users to collaborate with send and saving reports or “sub-reports” to colleagues. Security features ensure confidential data isn’t shared inappropriately. Business users can also format reports and save queries for later re-use.

SQLBase is a fully relational, higher performance, embedded database which allows organizations to handle data closer to the client, in which capturing and organizing data is critical. SQLBase gives a self-recovering, maintenance-free embedded database architecture that permits users from corporate IT to ISVs to concentrate on the business application itself — not the underlying database technology. With its small footprint, simple installation and low TCO, SQLBase is your embedded database of choice for organizations around the globe.

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