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SQL Server install error Wait on the Database Engine Recovery Handle Failed


I had been installing a SQL Server 2014 standalone case, last week. I did all of the requirements and then began installing SQL Server. I did not get any warnings or errors in any one of the principles or steps during the SQL Server setup wizard, but I have the below error in the end of the setup:

I followed each and every Server, however I got this problem. In this tip I will show how I went on fixing and troubleshooting this problem.


After many rounds of troubleshooting I chose to do a little bit of research on the web. This is the first time I got this issue, so that I had no hint about how to fix except for reading and assessing the error log files. Lately, I found multiple options to resolve this issue on the internet. Below are 3 options which could be employed to resolve this problem. I will explain the first in this tip and the in hints.

  1. Fix it by entering SQL Server and then reinstalling
  2. Fix issue with sa account
  3. Fix using by creating a login post setup and linking to the case in individual user mode

This error comes about because the account which the user selected during setup on the Server Configuration page is unable to deliver the SQL Server database engine providers online. Either it lacks rights or it is corrupted. During setup of the database engine solutions, SQL Server tries to deliver on the internet the database providers as an internal procedure, but due to the startup account either being corrupt or not with the appropriate rights it neglects to do this and the setup fails. There might be a possibility that somebody had tried to set up SQL Server with this particular machine, but failed to do this and they did not clean the device correctly throughout the uninstallation.

In this tip I begin a new install and then will explain the method regarding simplifying the SQL Server case which threw this error during setup. We are uninstalling the device to clear , so that we won’t have any issues during the reinstall.

Here is the install process that collapsed and it was fixed by me.

Step 1: Launch SQL Server installation to kick from the SQL Server setup. Complete all of the details and click the Next buttons to proceed until the previous page of the installation window. Click on the install button to begin the SQL Server setup.

Step 2: The setup bar will move until the conclusion, but the installation will soon throw the under error during the setup.

The below screen will appear confirming that some of those attributes failed to set up when you click after reading and assessing the malfunction.

I made a decision to review the error log file to discover more regarding this error, as shown in the below screen shot but I did not get far from the error log file.

Step 3: To proceed, I will uninstall this SQL Server instance and then reinstall it again with a few small changes. Let’s uninstall it with the & ldquo; Add/Remove Program & rdquo; attribute in Windows and move right ahead. If you are not able to remove SQL Server instance you need to do a manual uninstallation to wash the machine. Be certain that you remove all SQL Server associated files in the registry as well as the machine. Anything in the registry create a copy of the registry first before removing. I went with the next thing and flashed this instance.

Step 4: Restart your system after successful removal of the SQL Server instance. Go ahead and launch the SQL Server installation again to begin the SQL Server setup.

Step 5: Fill all the essential details and click on Next buttons to move till the “Server Configuration” webpage. You may see below that SQL Server Agent service account and the SQL Server database engine is configured to operate with NT Service \ SQLServerAgent and NT Service \ MSSQLSERVER. Our last installation failed because of the, so here I will change the service accounts to use the System account to conduct the setup.

Step 6: We can change both service balances to nearby System. As shown below, click the drop down choice to select consumer NT Authority \ SYSTEM that’s also known as the local system account.

Step 7: Click on the Next button and then proceed with the setup by filling in the necessary details and clicking on the Next buttons before the close of the installation. Since you can see in the below screenshot, installation should proceed and complete with a green standing for all features.

You can assess the SQL Server solutions to make certain that they’re currently running. You may connect to the database example and run some queries to check that things are functioning.

Next Measures
  • Always follow best practices when installing SQL Server.
  • Explore more information on SQL Server Database Administration hints

Last Update: 2016-10-31