Open Graph and Twitter Cards

Say hello to the newest Pagekit launch 0.11.0. It comes with a much more installer and improved semantic markup. These are the modifications among several other, making Pagekit appropriate for your website project.

Rich Meta Tags

The release adds meta data to the markup to cater for sharing, accessibility and search engines on media. Not only is it easier for semantics, however sharing on Twitter and Facebook also appears beautiful.

Whereever possible, Pagekit employs default values like the image in a blog article. For different places, you can choose for yourself exactly what data you are interested in being used. To restrain what meta data is added, 2 sections are added to the admin interface. Go to Website > Settings > Meta to manage global settings along with also a default outline text.

For pages that are single, you will locate a Meta tab on top of the editor. When editing blog posts, this tab can be available.

Please bear in mind to upgrade your site extension from the platform extensions see to find the open graph encounter.

SQLite by default

With SQLite being an outstanding choice for pretty much percent of sites out there, we have opted to simplify the Pagekit installation and make SQLite the default driver.

If SQLite is not accessible if you favor MySQL or on a host, the option is offered. Existing Pagekit installations are untouched by this.

Document picker

If you wish to link to files from your storage, you can now select files when inserting a link. This works equally when inserting links in the editor and when adding a connection.

Setup Pagekit from the control line

For everyone and terminal fans who likes adware and automation, we have added a command to setup a Pagekit installation. Just provide email and password for the admin account and Pagekit will be installed using default settings and SQLite.

Php pagekit installation


The launch incorporates further fixes and additions like a new view.init occasion, globals parameters are now handed to the opinion renderer and you are able to control where users have been redirected after they login. The Complete list of changes can be found from the changelog

Translate Pagekit

Is your language or are there a few translations lacking? Please help out and go to this Pagekit Transifex project. It would be wonderful to have Pagekit available in as many languages as possible for the last 1.0 release. Thank you!

We’re excited to share this release with you. Have fun with the newest variant and feel free to leave comments and opinions below.