Is Borderline Personality Disorder In Men More Prevalent Than In Women?

Have you ever met someone that made you wonder if he or she had a personality disorder? Many people don’t even know if they have this disorder, and in other words, they aren’t clinically diagnosed. Maybe you have been wondering about yourself or about someone you love dearly. Is borderline personality disorder in men a bigger problem than it is with women?

There was a story I ran across about a doctor and his patient. This was a mental health professional that did know his patient had the disorder. The story was all about a cancer diagnosis, subsequent treatment and remission. Upon being told by two doctors that she was in remission, the patient didn’t take the news the right way. She held her own in the meeting, but she went off on her psychiatrist in the hallway thinking the doctors were out to get her so to speak.

If you are thinking you or a loved one has BPD, then take a look at the symptoms. As you learn more about what the symptoms are, you can better identify what is going on. Of course, a diagnosis has to be made by qualified health professional. There are many symptoms of BPD that could be associated with normal behaviors and other conditions. In other words, it is the combination and severity of symptoms that is going to end up making the difference.

Are you concerned about yourself? It may not be the best thing to start looking at a bunch of symptoms if this is about you. You could have yourself completely convinced and in an uproar. Make an appointment with meehlfoundation health professional that is qualified to assess your situation and recommend what is best for you when it comes to borderline personality disorder in men. Then you will know once and for all if you need to do something about this.