The Maths Of Fat Reduction

The maths of fat loss is easy when you look at it and you can readily factor in the fact that jelqing off plan frequently can cause difficulties.

Say you’ve got 30lb of body fat to lose. This can be 105,000 calories stored. This implies we need to make a shortage of 105,000 calories that you lose this quantity of fat.

A 140lb woman needs around 1800 calories to maintain weight. A reasonable 20% beginning deficit allows approximately 300 calories to be taken away, so 1500 calories needed per day.

So we have 300 calories available to drop. We can also burn a further 300 calories form approximately 30 minutes of cardio. So 600 calories per day shortage from cardio and diet.

This implies 105,000 divided by 600 will be 175 times needed onto a 600 calorie shortage to clear 30lb of fat. To reduce this, we eat less, or move around more with cardio.

If we can increase the deficit through diet, cardio and exercise to 900 per day, this implies 116 times or 4 weeks — that is the reason we typically promote 16 week plans — since the typical woman has around 30lb of fat to lose if the come to people.

This is just an example, but shows what is needed for comp contour being attained in this case (not many women need to fall to 110lb!)) But even so, you are able to perform similar maths to get a woman dropping 160-170lb to 130-140lb, and a similar path stays.

Make sense?

And that I overlook. . This is the reason if you add 1000-2000 calories into your diet plan through cheats, you delay your progress since 2000 calories will be a WEEK’s worth of dietary plan shortage (in 300 calories daily diet shortage per day).

2000 calories = add per week extra to your daily diet.

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