Produce bar Chart based on Information in Present WordPress Plugin

Note: that 50 percent of this job is already completed form working with another programmer.


This is a straightforward job for the right programmer. I’ve got a set of data that changes according to users interaction. I need a programmer to take this data and turn it in to a visual demonstration of the data as you may see from the screenshot below.

The plugin creates these custom article types:

List = [url eliminated, login to view]

List thing: [url eliminated, login to view]

An inventory consists of different listing items.


Here is the remaining function the amount relates to the image([url eliminated, login to view]):

1. Crown placeholder for variety 1 listing item

7. Please include these details = class=”mes-lc-li-link” data-zf-post-parent-id=”” rel=”nofollow”

3. Please edit this class out of “meslclidown” to “mes-lc-li-down graph-btn”

5. Total Votes = Total votes * 2.7 (avoid negative social evidence by producing an if else statement for example; If overall votes are less than 200 hide this segment. Else display this segment.)

6. Display the text and icon as shown to make a tooltip that says:

“The Scoring is based on our distinctive algorithm that looks at reviews, votes, behavior, social signs and much more. Discover more”

– Prevent negative social evidence (exclude bar with 0%)

– Restrict bar graph rather than 8 to 10 bars

– The list thing is messed view: [url eliminated, login to view]

– The chart Isn’t responsive such as: [url eliminated, login to view]

– A lively bar chart is to be generated based on listing vote statistics for each list; like [url eliminated, login to view]

The data should be sortable by monthly changes over a 1 year period:

Rather than the 6month, 1 year and all time tabs we just have one extra tab that says tendencies and shows the changes over the entire year online chart like this: [url eliminated, login to view]

[url eliminated, login to view]

Please start your proposal with the name of a random animal so I understand you have finished this. Otherwise, your bid will be denied.

PS: I’ve larger projects but want to screen for the Perfect programmer via these smaller tasks

Q:which data you want to display on chart ?

A: if you check on the source code and search “data-zf-votes” that you will understand that each list items have distinct vote counts. This is exactly what the data is based on so what I need to understand is which list thing was voted best from the very last 30days, 6 weeks, 1year and all time.

Therefore that the vote data will store into your database. .

Q: in chart there should be 2 parameters . One is “X” and the other is “Y”.

Here the “X” will the theme names (item names) and “Y” are the vote count

A:yes but in instead of demonstrating vote count usage vote %

Q: also there’ll be a filter. . 1 month, 6 weeks, 1 year and all time.

Q:do you have this kind of data in database ?

A:the filter no I don’t think so

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