Database is the feature that is marquee

So annually before and during Oracle Open World we all whine about how data and database is brushed into the side.

It is the characteristic. It is the one thing the signal on Moscone West screams. “The Autonomous Database”

Here’s a picture from revealing it. It’s all about database.

There is talk about Oracle needs to return to databases and data. Now they do, I believe we ought to be happy even when we guess the true attribute is not what we’d have requested.

Any day Oracle talks about database will be a day they’re not spending forgetting it.

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This Graph Shows Bitcoin Obsession Has Surpassed ‘Tulip Mania’

Among the most important bubble tales from the background of financial markets dates back to the 1600s and can be referred to. The purchase price of trendy tulips, highlighted by “Wall Street” character Gordon Gekko, jumped in value astronomically before crashing down nearly as rapidly.

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Tulip Mania also happens to be the very first reasonably well documented asset bubble accident, based on Statista. Although this occasion is not talked about, but appears to be important given the spike at the value throughout 2017 of bitcoin.

Some observers are saying that bitcoin’s rally may wind up replacing Tulip Mania as a “reference for a badly overinflated advantage bubble prone to burst at any momentum, Statista mentioned. But for the time being nobody could predict whether bitcoin’s recent drop from just shy of $20,000 into the $17,000 amount is the first stages of a massive meltdown or a dip that investors will take advantage of. You will find more data at Statista

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South Korean ‘comfort women’ database

A university research institute was commissioned by the South Korean government to construct a comprehensive database of records related to the “comfort women” issue, Yonhap News Agency reported Sunday.

According to the report, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Affairs in 2012, during the government of then President Lee Myng Bak, commissioned the Korean History Research Institute of Korea University to set up the database covering domestic and overseas official records, news articles and records of their victims, among various other products.

Work on the project has now entered the last phase, together with the database must be made available. It marks the first time for records related to girls forced to work in Japan’s wartime military brothels to be integrated into a database and revealed to the public.

According to Yonhap, the study team has gathered and studied some 80,000 items and extensivelon y found them.

Once done, it’s expected to be used widely in education and civic group actions, according to.

A research professor said that he managed to acquire researchers as well as the collaboration of overseas and domestic organisations.

According to the current administration’s five-year policy blueprint released in July, a day to commemorate relaxation girls will likely be shown in 2018, a study center devoted to the victims will start the following year, along with a connected history museum is going to be installed in 2020.

It is unclear how the current government is positioning the database among those projects.

Because many of the girls were out of the Korean Peninsula, the comfort women issue is a source of conflict between Seoul and Tokyo.